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The Association represents member companies providing residential and commercial services on sloped and flat roof applications, in the Province of Alberta.   Our Contractor, Supplier & Manufacturer members are committed to providing quality roofing products and services.

We come together to co-ordinate policies and industry requirements that would benefit the roofing industry as a whole.   The roofing industry is constantly changing and it is imperative that we, as a group, are informed of these changes and agree to adhere to standards for the good of the industry as well as our customers.   We stand by our members and offer support to those new to the Association and the industry.

We believe our Association can make a difference for the Roofing industry by continuing to improve the quality of installations which ultimately will increase the reputation of our roofing trade.

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Hail Damage

Posted on November 6th, 2015

Are you wondering if this summer’s crazy storms have left HAIL damage on your home?

The easiest way for a quick inspection is to take a look at your gutters & downspouts. If you don't see any dents in the metal, chances are your roof is fine too. In most of Calgary & surrounding areas this summer, the hail wasn't solid enough to cause damage, but if you think you have hail damage and need an estimate for your Insurance Company, please give any of your AARA Members a call and we can help you out with that!


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What Client's Say

The Alberta Allied Roofing Association website made choosing a roofer a lot easier than I thought it would be.   The site showed all their member companies and the type of work they do so I didn't have to call companies that didn't do repairs, I only focussed on those that listed repairs.    I felt confident when I called them, that they were legitimate companies, who had all the right licenses and permits needed to do my job.   Thanks

Bob, 2016